Custom Printed Retail Packaging

As we all know by now (because I articulated with great explanation in a previous blog post) that custom retail packaging (bags and boxes for those that missed my last blog post) is a very efficient and economical way of marketing your store/brand.  Now the question is what kind of customization should I use?


There are many ways to print the name of your retail outlet and/or your logo on bags and boxes.  The major difference is whether they’re printed before the bag is manufactured (pre-production) or after it’s manufactured (post-production).  The pre-production method is when the retailer’s name is printed on a very large roll of paper/plastic (called “ink” printing) in such a way that when the bag is assembled, the name will appear in the correct spot on the bag (or box).  For post-production the bags/boxes are manufactured then each individual bag/box is placed on a printing machine one at a time.  The most common method is called “hot stamping”.


Each method has its “Pros” and “Cons”.  The benefit of “ink” printing is that the cost per bag is very inexpensive (as low as .05 cents) but minimums are high (at least 5,000 bags or boxes).  Hot Stamping is more expensive (from .10 - .30 cents per bag/box) but the minimums are as low as 250 (Premier Packaging has the lowest Hot Stamp prices/minimums in the industryJ).  Hot stamping can also be done in a metallic print (for a little different, “high end” look), while ink printing can be done in multiple colors.


No matter what type of customization you choose, remember these are moving billboards that will be all over your town!