Custom Printed Packaging Made Easy

custom-printed-boxesMany small business owners that we talk too, shy away from custom printing because they think it’s too hard for them to figure out or they don’t have the technical abilities to get it right. Sound Familiar? The truth is custom printing your packaging is easy, there’s just a few simple steps that anyone can do (and if you get stuck we’re happy to help).

Why custom Printing?

Custom printing your packaging is a great way to market your brand. People reuse bags, and will see your logo each time they do. When your happy customers are carrying your bags down the street it’s a great way to spur on word of mouth referrals. Simply put custom printed packaging is an affordable way to turn your every day supplies into a powerful marketing tool.

Picking A Size to Print

At this point you should already have the packaging you want to print picked out (if you don’t take a look here). The best guide for knowing what size plate to use is the size of the packing itself; in order to print we need a minimum of ½ inch around the print area. So look at the size of the bag or box and make sure the plate size you choose is at least an inch smaller all around (1/2 on either side). custom hot stamped merchandise bags

Matching Colors

Making sure the colors match can be a bit tricky because the way things look on your computer screen is different from the way they look in real life. This is because the color of objects in real life is created by light being reflected whereas colors on a screen are created by light that is emitted. Not to worry though you can pick the product you want and the foil color you’d like to hot stamp, and request a sample. We’ll send it out to you so you can see that the colors match before you order.

Submitting Art Work

custom hot stamped paper bagsYou can just email us your artwork, we accept (TIFFs, EPS, or PNG). If that sounds confusing ask your logo designer to send you a camera ready version of your logo. If you designed your own logo feel free to give us a call and we can walk you though getting it ready to print.

Hopefully by now, you’re thinking, “wow they weren’t kidding that really is easy!” Go ahead give it a try (If you’ve never tried it before you can get 50% off the printing fee and a FREE Plate). If you found this helpful and want to learn more about getting the most out of your packaging don’t forget to subscribe to our updates (It’s FREE).

If you have any questions please leave a comment.