Courteous is a BIG Word

I was out shopping yesterday for props to use in the photo shoot for our next Catalog and I made some curious observations. In one store, I was buying some material and a note on the counter read,”Ring Bell for Service”. I needed the material cut and so I rang the bell. After a minute or so, I rang it again. This went on for 6 minutes (yes I timed it!!). Finally, a woman came up to the counter with a very stern expression on her face and asked what she could do for me. I acted as if she was at the counter the whole time and politely gave her my request. She never lifted her head and when done said, “Anything else?” I smiled and said no thank you, have a good day.

So this got me thinking. I am always telling my customer service reps to smile when they answer the phone because the customer can “hear” it in their voices. Is a smile and a friendly greeting too much to ask in a store? Do the people that work in your establishment understand the impact a smile and a friendly greeting has on a customer’s shopping experience in your shop?

A good sales person will smile and greet the customers as they come in the door. A good sales person will ask if they need help finding something and even may add suggestions when it seems a responsive act. I don’t want to be followed around the store, but if I need help, it’s nice to know there will be someone in eye site to offer assistance.

Take a few moments and discuss with your employees the importance of customer service in a store, on the phone or even as they enter the store. Work of mouth will bring more customers to your business so be sure the words that are spread are good ones!