Classy Packaging Contestants Show Off Their Photos

A few weeks ago we announced the winner of the Premier Classy Packaging Contest, The Haughty Hound. In addition to winning a free gas voucher worth $100, we featured THH in our email newsletter sent to over 8000 people! Now we’d like to show them, and all the other contestants a little love on this blog.

One Last Shout Out To The Winner

It’s no secret that pet owners love to spoil their furry friends, and THH gives them ample opportunity to do just that with their couture pet garments, toys and treats. Even pets can be excited to receive a gift, that’s why THH wraps their products in premier packaging. Their winning photo expertly combined a brown matte gift box with curling tendrils of blue raffia ribbon, to highlight a scrumptious plate of homemade “Canine Canapés."

A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Participated

We’re impressed by every photo, and think it only fair to highlight a few other notable packaging pictures. Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image.
Jenny Hintze Photography
Jenny Hintze Photography
Candy Baskets |
Candy Baskets
AJ Wear Jewelry |
AJ Wear Jewelry
House of Krypilo |
House of Krypilo
My Best Furry Friend
My Best Furry Friend
Maries Candies |
Maries Candies
Livengood Gifts
Livengood Gifts
Suzanne Clara Babygoods |
Suzanne Clara Babygoods

You Can Still Submit Your Packaging Photos

Even though the contest has ended, we’d still like to see your photos using packaging from Premier. You can email them to Josh at jkashorek(at)