Building Brand Consistency Part 4: Seasonality

Holiday Gift Boxes - Snowflake Pattern

We’ve been talking about keeping your packaging consistent to help build your brand. The next logical question of course is “how do I get into the holiday spirit and still keep my packaging consistent?” That’s a good question. The answer is to keep core components consistent while adding accessories that reflect the season.
3 Ways to Keep Your Packaging Consistent While Celebrating the Season
 Holiday Ribbons for Gift Wrapping


    1. Accessorize – Everything these days can be accessorized, from pets to phones, and everything in between. Your packaging can take advantage of accessories as well. If you use neutral packaging as your main stay then keeping up with the season is simply a matter of adding a new ribbon or some festive tissue paper.

    1. Add Gift Wrapping – You can keep your bags and ribbons the same and just add the option to wrap the gift in the store for your customers. With hundreds of different gift wrap designs to choose from you’ll be certain to find one that matches the season as well as your brand’s theme.

    1. Same Packaging, Different Colors – If you’ve taken the time to build a highly recognizable logo then simply changing the logo colors or using the same bag just in a different color can give you the holiday cheer while making sure your brand is still immediately recognizable.

These are just a few options that are quite simple to implement. If you’re a crafter or work in a creative industry you may want to go the extra mile and do something completely unique that presents your brand.

This is the last part in the series, now it’s your turn. How do you use your packaging to build your brand? Share your tips in the comments.