Building Brand Consistency Part 2: Packaging Themes

animal print themed gift bags


In our last blog, we focused upon the use of color and the variety of choices one has to develop brand consistency through color schemes. But, we can also utilize theme to solidify the brand appearance, feel and impact as well.

What do we mean by theme? A theme is the underlying foundation upon which all other elements stem. It can be the overarching concepts in relation to a particular topic or a feeling you want to express. Some examples of themes are country, vintage, Americana or modern. Alternatively it could also be a core value such as affordable, luxury, exclusive, or eclectic.


3 Keys to building your brand with themes in packaging:


1.    Stick with one – Many business owners want to be sure that they provide everything that anyone might like, if you do that with your theme you’ll lose out on consistency. So just pick one and stick to it.

2.    Make it unique – There are some aspects of design that so overused they’ve become cliché. This is your business so be sure the theme has at least a bit of your unique style.

3.    Use familiar elements – This sounds like it’s a contradiction to the previous point, but it isn’t. People like things that are familiar for this reason it’s important to include a few elements that your customers will recognize and associate with the theme you want to convey.


You want to provide your customer with multidimensional experiences relating gift-wrapping. This does not mean that everything is serious; themes can be whimsical, flighty, or silly. It means that engagement is a key ingredient to the gift-wrapping experience both for the customer and the customer’s recipient.

In fact, mood and happy feelings have been studied as they relate to buying and wrapping a gift and receiving a gift that is nicely wrapped. Each participant has a definite experience regardless of whether he or she is the giver or the receiver. Unconscious messages about who the buyer is and how the buyer feels about the occasion and the person are indicated in the gift and the gift-wrapping theme.

As a business owner you’ve dedicated a lot of time to the atmosphere of your store and your customers choose to shop there because they identify with what you’ve created. The packaging you put your products in is an opportunity to extend the experience for your customer by letting them take a small piece of it home with them.