Bringing Value By Breathing New Life into Products

If I were to describe Angie from a. j. wear in one word, it would be enthusiastic. We’ve only corresponded through email but you can feel her energy through the words she writes. She has a good reason to be enthusiastic as she runs a unique jewelry business that specializes in bringing old jewelry back to life.

She prides herself on the value she has to offer both in price and quality.  Because she transforms old jewelry into new pieces, she can be selective on the quality of jewelry she buys and she can sell her finished pieces at lower prices. She can also guarantee that each piece of jewelry she sells is one of a kind.

This is my favorite part from her website

“Have a favorite necklace or pair of earrings that has sat broken for quite some time? Touch base with me and we can brainstorm how to give it new life and have you enjoying it all over again!”

What could be better then helping someone take something with sentimental value and make it new again. That as the commercial would say is “Priceless”.

Do you have a product, idea or service that has sat broken for quite some time? Perhaps it’s time for some brainstorming to give it new life.

If you want to see more of Angie’s jewelry you can visit her Etsy site