Better Business Bureau, an expense or an investment?

As a small business we’re all inundated with places to spend our hard earned profits. Many of these expenditures are on things that don’t help us grow our business, but are necessary evils, such as; trash collection, rent, water, etc. I call these pure expenses. Then there are expenditures that I consider investments (because in theory they help you grow your sales), such as; a sign outside your store, a salesperson, and custom retail packaging (remember at Premier Packaging Custom Printing Is Our Specialty!). Another expenditure that I would consider an investment is the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB has been around for over 100 years. When a customer sees the BBB logo in the window of your store or sees it on your website your business gains instant credibility. Your customer can also find out further information about your business by going to the BBB website and inquiring about your business or clicking on the BBB logo on your website.

Below is a link to what your customer can see about your business if you belong to the BBB:

By the way this is Premier packaging’s BBB rating (A+).

So the next time you consider making an investment, consider joining the BBB and gain instant credibility with your customers.