There are a few of old sayings; “What goes around, comes around”, “You get back what you hand out”, “Treat people as you would like to be treated”. These are all good common sense rules to live by in life as well as in the retail business world.

Good quality Customer Service is so vital in business that we sometimes think it comes naturally and it may be so easily overlooked.  Whether it is in a call center of a large business or a small “mom and pop” store, our customers are our bread and butter and we need to let them know their importance every step of the way.

Whether you or your employees are answering the phone or face to face with your customers, you/they should always have a smile on your/their face and a positive note in your/their voices.  Believe it or not, a smile can be transferred to the other end of the line.  It actually sets the conversation in motion.  The person on the other end of the line senses how the conversation is going to go right away especially if the intent of the call is to complain.

Here some helpful tips on good customer service:

    1. Always answer the phone within 2 to 3 rings. Try to get to the call immediately so the customer feels they are important

    1. Listen to your customers.  Hear what they have to say before giving them a solution.  Dealing with complaints is the most difficult thing to do but put yourself in their shoes and try to come up with an agreed upon solution

    1. Be helpful even if there is no immediate profit.  You may not have what the customer wants but give them alternative ideas that may prove beneficial in the long run

    1. Train staff to be helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.

    1. Take the extra step to satisfy your customer.  An example is to suggest a product that would complement the one they want to add to the sale.

    1. Throw in something extra to let them know their business is important. A free pen or a future discount may be just the thing!