How do you find new products to sell in your store? Do you attend every trade show in your area or even travel hundreds of miles to see what is new? As a Marketing Manager, I have attended trade shows all over the east coast. I find them very informative, vastly stocked with thousands of booths and vendors, which can be very overwhelming. Some are so packed together that you can actually get lost from one aisle to the next!

But I will say that many of the new products I add to our inventory come from ideas or actual products that I encountered at a trade show. Many of the vendors go out of their way to show you their goods and give samples to help you decide what products will sell in your shop or in my case, what products our customers would like to sell in their shops.

You get to see what your competitors are selling as well, which can also give you a leg-up on what trends may or may not work depending on your location and climate. This is where a sales rep can help you as they have access to a broader area.

Before you decide to go to a trade show, check out the vendors that will be there and what you are actually in the market for. Make sure you choose products that will sell and not just because you liked them! You can order right there on the spot or you can wait until you get back home and look through the catalogs and samples you acquired at the show and then decide.

Trade shows are a great way to see the trending products but be careful not to over stock or over spend. Choose wisely!