Appreciating Customers

Delight your customers with low-tech, time-tested gestures. Even at a time when technology is a driving force in every business, nothing is as important, nor garners more rewards, that the one-on-one, old fashion human touch. Having worked in a specialty retail shop for over 5 years, these are a few things I’ve done to show customers I appreciate their business:

1) Always thank them for shopping with you, even if they just stop by to “window shop”. This is something that is so simple, but not always practiced. Like myself, I bet you hate it when stores act like they’re doing you a favor by taking your money. Let customers know you appreciate their business, and be sure to say something like, “I’ll see you again,” or “You’ll enjoy,” rather than “Come Back Again.” This little semantic difference has powers of suggestion that nearly guarantees they will return.

2) Offer a token thank-you gift. This could be as simple as a few stickers for a parent’s well-behaved child, or having a bowl of hard candy out for the taking. For more significant purchases, I’ve given small velour pouches filled with chocolate from a nearby boutique, or a certificate for a day of pampering at the local spa. Even a coupon for ‘x’ amount off their next purchase, would leave a lasting impression, and help to ensure repeat business.

3) Send a thank-you card. A sale often lasts an hour or more, during this time I make a few mental notes about the conversation, and jot these down in a notepad right after the customer leaves. Afterwards, I’ll pick a subject we chatted about, and send a handwritten, customized thank-you note to that person.

I realize some small retailers might not have customer addresses on file, or as long a sales experience. If that’s the case, you can still leave a generic, hand written thank-you note tucked into their gift bag, or box.

Are you delighting customers after the sale? If yes, I’d really like to hear what you’re doing so be sure to leave a comment.

Photo credit Austrini