8 Awesome Ways to Reuse Your Gift Boxes

Damask Gift Boxes and Trays

So you like to do your part to protect the environment. You’re also a crafty genius and a little bored with the standard ways to reuse gift boxes. You’re in luck because we happen to be crafty geniuses and packaging fanatics. So we have a roundup of unique ideas from around the web on how to reuse gift boxes. Let’s roll.

    1. Wine Boxes as shoe storage. This idea comes from realsimple.com and as the name suggests it is real simple. Wine boxes are already compartmentalized which make them easy organizers for your shoes. They come in many designs so you may want to leave it as is or decorate to match your closet.

    1. Recycleart.com has a how to on using camembert boxes to make wall art frames. For those of you that don’t have a stockpile of French cheese boxes this will work with just about any round box… take for example a hat box.

    1. Ask any kid and you’ll find that there is nothing boring about a box, because a box is not a mere device for storage. No it is in fact a portal into a world of creativity and imagination. Check out ikatbag.com for some awesome inspiration on what can happen when kids and boxes end up in the same room.

    1. Have a babies at home? Then you probably have baby wipe containers. Here’s 8 ways to reuse them.

    1. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and they are made from all kinds of materials including these little guys. Don’t throw them out because they can make a handy mini tool box gift for dad!

    1. Is cereal your go to breakfast? Great, that sugary goodness, leaves you with all you need to make perfect little gable boxes. Just grab your scissors and some glue and away you go!

    1. Any crafty person will tell you that craft supplies are an addiction and as you feed that addiction you end up with unruly drawers full of stuff most people would call junk, but you and I know will become art. So I’ll leave you with a quick tip on using small boxes for organization, because there is nothing worse when the creative bug hits then spending an hour trying to find the supplies you need.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite ways to reuse old boxes?