7 Challenges Successful People Overcome – From a small business perspective

I recently came across a fantastic article on Forbes.com written by Travis Bradberry that discusses 7 challenges that successful people overcome. The 7 challenges are; Age, what other people think, toxic people, fear, negativity, the past or the future and the state of the world. While reading the article it struck me that while these challenges are applicable to most people they are especially relevant to small business managers. Over the next several weeks I will address these challenges from a small business perspective.

The first challenge is “age”.

In many businesses managers fall subject to the bad habit of associating employee’s capabilities with their age. Just because someone is younger doesn’t mean that they are incapable of taking on larger roles or management positions. While it is true that experience is very valuable it is not a substitute for talent and dedication. Similarly, just because someone has been with a company for a long period of time doesn’t mean they have the abilities to advance in position. Many companies (though typically larger ones) will give employees raises or promotions based on their seniority. The important (and difficult) thing for managers to do is look beyond their employee’s age and assess them based on what value they bring to the company and how their talents can best be utilized.