6 Things You've Probably Never Done With Tissue Paper But Might Want To.

Tissue paper is one of those items that you always seem to have around the house leftover from wrapping gifts or maybe collected from gifts you were given. It's uses seem endless, you see it's not just for wrapping, you can use it for kids crafts or make flowers, and even a Christmas tree out it. Since you probably have some laying around and it's a good day to be inside (at least it is here, we're supposed to get over 20 inches of snow by the end of tomorrow) I thought it would be fun to make a roundup of tutorials from around the web. I call it “6 things you've probably never done with tissue paper but might want to” alternatively of course you could sit and stare at the fireplace while sipping hot chocolate.

Let the countdown commence:

#6. This one is for our friends that may live where the weather is more pleasant, (anyone currently in the snow will have to bookmark it for summer). It's a tissue paper hot air balloon, and yes it actually flies. Not terribly practical, but gets an 11 out of 10 on the “how cool is that-o-meter”.

#5. If you're not a play in the snow type, you may have been sitting inside bundled up in blankets and staring at your walls for the past few days (week depending on where you live). It's at this point you might also be thinking its time for a change, in that case you may want to see how some people are creating textured walls using tissue paper, if you're not in the mood to remodel you could probably modify this technique in some other creative ways. Oh and kids be sure to ask your parents before you try this (also just asking isn't enough, they have to answer with a yes).

#4. Perhaps you've been using the wintry weather to create handmade products you plan to sell on Etsy or online in general, well then you will probably find this next tutorial particularly useful. Using tissue paper to make a lightbox for photography. Great products sell even better when they have great photos to go with them. Good luck.

#3. If you have been putting off writing your Christmas cards, then you will want to start now, and you can write them on postcards made from cereal boxes and tissue paper. They look great, and you get the added bonus of using up all your recyclable cardboard so you don't have to get bundled up and take it out to the curb, you can stay inside where it's warm and cozy.

#2. Handmade gifts are the best kind. This tutorial explains how to make custom candles by transferring printed tissue paper on them. It's easy to do and the finished product looks great.

#1. Here's the grand finally the idea sure to cheer you up and make you smile despite the fact that the wind chill made it feel like -3 degrees when you were outside shoveling the drive way this morning (true story). It is... drum roll please... Tie Dyeing T-shirts with Tissue Paper. OK, OK tie dye might not be as popular today as it was in my youth, but you get to use bright colors which will remind you of warmer days to come, and tie dye clothing often comes with sayings on it such as “Don't worry, Be Happy” or “Life is Good” how can that not cheer you up?

Whether you love the snow or hate it, or live in a place where you never see it, we hope you're having fun today, and if your fun includes tissue paper be sure to let us know what you're doing in the comments so we can join in!