5 Simple and Creative Centerpieces for Fall

You'll definitely fall for these amazing fall centerpieces!

[caption id="attachment_1005" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 1. Candle Centerpiece Embellished with Leaves[/caption]


This beautiful centerpiece is so quick and easy to make! All you have to do is collect some leaves from your yard and glue them on some candles with a hot glue gun. A little bit of leaves go a long way on plain, boring candles! To add an extra something, you can place some curling ribbon and decorative balls alongside your candles.

[caption id="attachment_995" align="aligncenter" width="217"] 2. Mummy Vase Centerpiece[/caption]

This centerpiece is so adorable and really simple! First, you need to wrap a vase with some white fabric (the featured picture is using cross stitch fabric). Don't forget to seal the edges with spray adhesive. Next, take some ivory jute rope and tie a knot around the vase near the bottom. From there you keep wrapping the jute rope around the vase several times until your vase gets a good, mummy look to it. Don't forget to leave space for the eyes! After you're done wrapping, give your mummy a light coat of spray adhesive to help keep the jute rope in place. After that you have to glue on some googly eyes with a hot glue gun. Then, all you have to do is place a candle inside (battery-powered is definitely the safer option) and you're done!

[caption id="attachment_997" align="aligncenter" width="200"] 3. Dried Corn Centerpiece[/caption]


There's only a few short steps in making this beautiful and exotic centerpiece. First, you need six ears of dried corn (feel free to add more or less and increase or decrease the space between the corn). Move the shucks to the back of each ear and tie some jute rope around the dried corn to help keep the shucks in place. Next, you need to attach the corn to a round vase by placing a line of hot glue on the corn and pressing it against the vase for a few seconds. After you finish gluing all of them, tie some ribbon around all the corn (you can tie around some jute rope first to make it extra secure). Then you place a candle in the vase and you're done!

[caption id="attachment_998" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 4. Adorable Pumpkin Centerpiece[/caption]

This pumpkin centerpiece is so cute and easy! First, take a roll of toilet paper and wrap a sheet of orange tissue paper around it, tucking the ends of it inside the roll. Next, draw and cut out a face from construction paper (templates are available online). Then, for the finishing touch, tape some green tissue paper on top as the stem (feel free to glue on some twigs to add some spice to your pumpkin). You can disperse these pumpkins throughout the house or you can place 1-3 in the middle of your table.

[caption id="attachment_999" align="aligncenter" width="240"] 5. Ombre Glowing Hurricane Glasses[/caption]

These glowing glasses make a stunning centerpiece for fall! Plus, all you need to make them is a candle, vase, tissue paper, and tape! Though it looks like several different colors of tissue paper were used, it only calls for one sheet per centerpiece. The first thing you have to do is cut your tissue paper into several strips (number and size of strips depends on how big the vase is and how many layers are wanted). Then, you have to fold each layer of tissue into the other (see picture for details).


Once you have your tissue layered correctly, tape one end to the vase and wrap it around and tape the other side down. All you need now is a candle inside and that's it! Can you believe it was that easy?

Now you're all set for fall! All your friends will "ooh" and "ah" at your beautiful centerpieces that only took a few minutes each :)

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