5 Highly Unusual Ways a Box Can Grow Your Business

There’s more to a box then meets the eye. Like many kids I loved boxes (apparently a passion that never faded since I now sell them). I easily turned them into towers, racecars, rocket ships and suits of armor for battling dragons while rescuing damsels in distress. As adults we may no longer think of boxes as portals to new worlds, but they can be instrumental to increasing sales with a little imagination.

1. Green Promotions:

Offer a discount or other incentive to customers that bring in boxes to recycle, which may include your competitor’s gift boxes.

2. Box or no Box:

Send your next direct mail campaign in a box; let your customer know you will “buy” the box back from them for store credit. Up the ante by allowing them to either take a flat rate for their box, or risk it all by rolling dice for a random value.

3. Donations:

Use a donation box to help support a local charity or cause. This has the dual benefit of reinforcing your relations with the community, and shows customers what issues are important to you.

4. Creativity & Kids:

If you run a family friendly business, or you’d like to build this strength, offer an activity for kids. Pass out travel learning/activity kits for kids with your logo on the box.

5. Box Marks The Spot:

Partner with other local businesses along a city walk, or in a plaza. Offer your customers a box full of promotions for adjacent companies, understanding that partners will do the same for you. Think of it as a mutually beneficial scavenger hunt to increase walk-in traffic for all those involved.

While you probably won’t be building yourself a box fort anytime soon, we expect you’ll find this list of ideas helpful in growing your business.