3 DIY Crafts You Can Make With Your Extra Tulle

You can make so many cute, money-saving projects with just a yard or so of tulle!


Tulle Pom Pom Lamp

This is great for a cute and unique night light and it can be used as beautiful decoration! All you need is a yard of tulle, 2 microwave plate covers (they only cost $1 at Dollar Tree), and a string of twinkle lights. First you’ll need to make a little flap in one plate cover for the cord to go through. This can easily be made with an X-Acto knife (be careful!) it’s basically like cutting 3 sides of a square, leaving the fourth side uncut so you can tape it shut later. Next, you’ll have to place the string of twinkle lights inside the plate cover and pull the plug through the flap and stop right before the first twinkle light goes through so you only see the cord, not the lights. Put the other plate on top, tape them together and tape up the flap. After that, you’ll cut the tulle into 2-3” squares; don’t worry about being exact. Now take your squares of tulle and layer 4-5 of them at a time and pinch them in the middle to give it a poufy look. While pinching your poufs, glue them to the top and sides of your plate cover. Try to make them close to each other to give a fuller look and to help hide the twinkle lights. You’re almost done! Now all you have to do is either glue on a picture hanging hook or punch/cut a hole in the back so it can hang on a nail. Hang it up, plug it in and watch your masterpiece glow :)



Tulle Bow Tank

Turn any plain tank (or any shirt for that matter) into a cute and funky fashion top in minutes! All you need is a plain tank, ½ a yard of tulle, a fork, and a needle and thread. First cut your tulle into 16 strips, ½” wide and 32” long. Next, cut off 4” from each strip, making them 28” long; make sure to keep these short strips! Now, place the 4” strip on top of the prongs and wrap the 28” strip around the fork (over the 4” strip).

Then, take the ends of the 4” strip and tie a knot around the 28” wrapped strip. Cut through the tulle on the back of the fork (the opposite side of where you tied the bow). Cut off any excess material, for example from the knot you made around the bow. The last step is to sew on your bows (with the knot in the back so you can’t see it) with a couple of stitches randomly throughout the tank. You now have an adorable tulle bow tank!




Tulle Bow Headband

This is an adorable headband for little girls and adults alike! The main idea is pretty similar to the Tulle Bow Tank, but the bow is bigger and fuller. All you need is a headband and some tulle; there’s no specific amount, it all depends how full you want it, but it’s definitely not much. Wrap the tulle around your 4 fingers until you’re happy with the fullness. Then cut the end of the tulle if you’ve been wrapping it while still on the spool. Take the tulle off your hand and pinch the middle together, take a small piece of tulle (4-5” long or so) and tie a knot around the middle of your wrapped tulle, making a bow. Now you can either take another small piece of tulle and wrap the bow around the headband, or you can glue it straight on the headband, with the knot facing the headband so you can’t see it. I suggest gluing it so it’s more secure. If you want to add some glamour to your bow, you can glue on a rhinestone or decorative bead to the middle of your bow as well. Then you’re done! It’s that simple!


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