4 Ways Custom Printing Adds Value to Your Packaging

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Why use custom printing on your packaging?  The answer is simple: it tells the world, people you don’t know and have never anticipated on meeting, who you are. In today’s terminology it is known as branding.

Your brand represents the image of your business in the world. Your brand is associated with positive images and quality service. That image needs to be present in every detail of your business. Customers appreciate and respond to all details that assist their shopping experience, and in the case of packaging, detail makes them feel special.

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The 4 best reasons to use custom printing on your packaging:

1.    Professionalism:  Your name printed on your bags and boxes promotes professionalism and thought behind your logo. In the world of business, it is considered unprofessional not to have a business card. In the world of customer service and packaging, the same should apply.

2.    Customer appreciation: Customers enjoy receiving extra care in the wrapping of their purchases. You can increase the impact of that sensation by custom printing your name on your paper bags and color coordinating tissue paper to match with finishing touches such as complimentary contrasting color ribbons or other accessories.

3.    Being Noticed: What represents your brand when the customer leaves your store or buys from you online? Your packaging. That packaging tells the world about you and your brand. Your name beautifully printed on any packaging will help reinforce your name and get your customers talking.

4.    Value: When people buy a book, they look at the cover and flip through the pages. Studies have demonstrated that the decision to buy or not to buy is made within the first few seconds. That means the cover has a monumental influence upon the buyer. That same impact can be achieved by making your logo and brand immediately associated with quality by adding custom printing to the packaging your present to your customers.

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Branding and perception go hand in hand regardless of whether you are in a brick and mortar shop or online; your packaging counts.

Consumers are in a hurry, yet they will stop and respond to special care. When you take the time to custom print and color coordinate your packaging, the perception, which would be correct, is that you took extra time and cared about them.

Your packaging is more than just a wrapping on a purchase. It carries your name and your image. Is your name missing from your packaging? Is your brand going unnoticed? Custom printing is a quick and affordable way to advertise your brand on the street and with customer satisfaction increase word of mouth referrals. You can’t beat that.